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These Two Whole Foods Products are Being Recalled Due to Allergy Fears

Products sold in these 13 states could be harmful if eaten.

There have been several recalls recently because of contaminated food, and two have just been issued for products at a beloved supermarket.

The FDA announced a Whole Foods recall and allergy alerts for the Chantilly Key Lime Tartlets and Kouign-Amann Pastries. Both could contain traces of tree nuts and eggs. If these are ingested by someone with an allergy, it could result in serious side effects.

The tartlets were sold in Whole Foods locations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. They are wrapped in plastic containers in the bakery section of the store. No allergic reactions have been recorded. But if you bought this product and it has a sell-by date of July 26, 2020, and a PLU code of 268564, throw it away because it could contain traces of almonds.

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The Kouign-Amann Pastries were sold in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Like the tartlets, they are also in the bakery section. The four-packs are wrapped in plastic. Those with a PLU code of 267394 and a sell-through date of July 27, 2020, could contain traces of egg. If you purchased this product and it matches the description, it also should be thrown away. There have been no cases of an allergic reaction yet.

The supermarket's return policy states that you can get a full refund for these two items with a receipt.

In addition to the Whole Foods recall, a Salmonella outbreak recently infected 125 people in 15 states, according to the CDC. While it is unknown where the infections stemmed from, a separate recall was traced back to 60,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. They sold in four states and possibly contain pieces of plastic inside the meat. There was also a Class I recall — the most dangerous — issued in June for over 42,000 pounds of grass-fed, organic ground beef sold at Walmart.

Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for food products like meat and dairy to be recalled. Here are The Most Often Recalled Foods in America.

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