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This Popular Grocery Chain Is Adding Pickup Service to 480 Stores

The location in your neighborhood could be on the list — but there’s a catch!

Online grocery shopping is skyrocketing in popularity thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, stay at home orders, and safety precautions. Several popular nationwide grocery companies are updating and announcing new policies for virtual shopping and deliveries. And now you'll be able to pick up groceries from nearly every location of one healthier chain with the Whole Foods grocery pickup service!

The company said recently that by the end of September customers will be able to pick up online grocery orders at 480 locations across the country. There are currently a total of 487 Whole Foods locations. This is huge news because at the end of 2019, only 80 locations offered grocery pickup. The company now even has pre-pandemic in-store dining areas as pickup stations, according to Grocery Dive.

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Whole Foods grocery pickup is free for Amazon Prime members, which costs $12.99 a month, or $119 a year. Pickup isn't the only option here, though — they can also deliver to over 2,000 areas.

However, since the service is a popular one (hence the expansion), pick up times are sometimes hard to come by. So even if you are a Prime member, if you've never used the service before, you may have to wait.

"Due to unprecedented demand and increased safety measures in our fulfillment centers and stores, we are temporarily asking Whole Foods Market customers who have not previously ordered delivery or pickup to sign up for an invitation," the Whole Foods website says. "We're increasing capacity each week and will invite more customers to shop."

So if you want to take advantage of the Whole Foods grocery pickup option, it's best to sign up ASAP. And before you place an order, check out our list of the 20 Surprisingly Cheap Eats from Whole Foods.

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