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Rage Baking Is the Latest New Culinary Trend

Here's how some bakers with strong social media presences are using their voices (and baking skills) to advocate for change.

People protest in different ways. The most traditional method, of course, is taking signs to the streets and marching while repeating chants and demanding change. But have you ever seen someone protest with a cake?

A new generation of bakers are using their voices, and their ovens, to make powerful points on their social media platforms. This new-found form of activism is called rage baking. In decades past, bloggers cited it as a method for getting over arguments with their partner or frustration with their kids. But in 2016, Tangerine Jones, founder of, shed light on the key tenets of what #ragebaking has evolved to today.

"Ragebake with purpose. Bake with intention. Whether it's to chase the blues, have real talk and support folk, raise money for a cause or to have fun, think about what you're doing. Set the theme and the tone and go in."

In today's climate, rage baking is making a massive resurgence and people are eating it up—pun fully intended. On Instagram, bloggers like Becca Rea-Holloway (@thesweetfeminist), post glamour-shots of their sugary creations, embellished with messages that are distinctively not sweet. Rea-Holloway, a Washington D.C. resident, amassed over 200 thousand followers by posting pictures of cakes that read things like: "Focus on solidarity, not 'civility'" and "Stop calling the police." (Related: 8 Fast-Food Brands Supporting Black Lives Matter)

A similar account, @protestcakes, posted a "Birthday for Breonna" cake on June 5. The creations rage bakers everywhere are making are so popular that some people are starting to sell them. Take @gingerbakesoakland as an example. Ginger Bakes is selling her beautiful braided pies that read, "No justice, no pies," for the Fourth of July this year.

Keep calling and emailing senators, donating to relevant organizations, and marching alongside others in protest. And if you can't get to a protest, consider bringing the protest to you by supporting a fellow rage baker.

Kaley Roberts
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