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This Beloved Wegmans Staple Is About to Vanish For Good

Sadly, losing this one thing will make grocery shopping at Wegmans a little less exciting.

A trip to Wegmans isn't just always a trip to the grocery store. For some Wegmans locations, you can actually dine-in at a Wegmans restaurant called The Pub. Famous for serving delicious burgers, fries, and huge salads, this restaurant has become a beloved eatery for Wegman's fans. But sadly, after an announcement from Wegmans, it seems The Pub will be closing their doors for good.

At the start of the pandemic, Wegmans discontinued service at The Pub to keep their customers and employees healthy and safe. However, Wegman's announced on Monday, Jul. 7 that the closures were to become permanent.

Say goodbye to The Pub

"We know those who love our Pub restaurants will be disappointed to learn that we have made the decision not to reopen our 12 Pubs across the company," Wegmans spokesperson Deana Percassi said in an email to the Democrat & Chronicle. "We are focused on applying our culinary expertise to the increasing demand for fast, casual meal solutions available in our stores, for pickup, and through delivery."

The first pub to ever open at Wegmans was in March of 2016, meaning The Pub had four years of operations before closing their doors. A quick look at some of their online reviews for multiple pub locations across the country and you can immediately tell that this grocery store's eatery was beloved by many. Customers especially loved their happy hour deals, including their famous $1 oysters on Mondays.

"The bartenders always remember your name and favorite drink," says one Yelp reviewer. "The menu is fantastic and the seafood specials are always fresh! Wonderful ambiance and the live music on the weekend is a great touch!"

Many reviewers talk about the convenience of getting a meal or an after-work drink before even grocery shopping and absolutely raved about all of the happy hour deals to pair.

Sadly with so many restaurants closing up shop for good, The Pub has unfortunately joined the list. Only time will tell how other restaurants will respond to the ongoing pandemic. To stay up to date, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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