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Wawa Announces a Brand New Way to Get Your Favorite Foods

Plus a special new breakfast sandwich!

Wawa, a popular convenience store that is well known for selling fresh, built-to-order foods and beverages, announced in a press release on Thursday, Jul. 30 their plans to build a freestanding drive-thru in Falls Township, PA. This is the first offering of its kind from Wawa. They plan to open on the corner of West Trenton and Pine Grove Roads in December 2020.

With so many stores experiencing declines in sales and closing multiple locations (such as McDonald's and Dunkin'), Wawa's pivot for offering drive-thru service is fitting. Especially for those who love their fresh, made-to-order sandwiches and meals that this particular chain of stores prides themselves on.

"Wawa continues to test new store concepts with this latest drive-thru format, providing an opportunity for our customers to still experience and enjoy their favorite Wawa products while remaining inside their vehicle," says Terri Micklin, director of construction at Wawa, in their press release. "It is critical to provide new ways to access Wawa, increase convenience, and provide new options for service."

This particular drive-thru model will solely focus on drive-thru and curbside pickup for customers. Wawa says construction for this drive-thru is set to begin in late August 2020, and they will be hiring 25 new members for the shop—including four full-time positions.

Along with this freestanding drive-thru, Wawa will also be adding a drive-thru feature to a new store in Westhampton, NJ. It is currently under construction.

Wawa also announces new plant-based breakfast options

wawa breakfast sandwich
Courtesy of Wawa

Beyond Meat and Wawa have teamed up to offer the Sizzli Breakfast Sandwich, made with Beyond Breakfast Sausage®, egg, and cheese on a bagel.

This sandwich is now available throughout the 650 Wawa locations across the Mid-Atlantic. Starting Friday, Jul. 31, all Wawa stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. will be selling this sandwich. On Aug. 10, the 220 stores in Florida will also have it available.

Not only that, but Wawa will also make the Beyond Breakfast Sausage® available in their custom-made-to-order meals through their touch screen system. Between the breakfast bowls, bagel sandwiches, and breakfast burritos, customers can enjoy this plant-based sausage.

"We know that consumers are looking for more plant-based options and we're proud to partner with Beyond Meat®, a leader in plant-based meat, to offer our customers more choice through the Wawa Your Way initiative," says Mike Sherlock, chief product marketing officer at Wawa, in a recent press release.

"Wawa is a cult favorite brand and we're excited to partner with them to introduce several new breakfast options made with Beyond Breakfast Sausage®," says Chuck Muth, chief growth officer of Beyond Meat, in the same press release. "These new on-the-go options not only taste great, but will make plant-based meat more accessible to more consumers."

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Kiersten Hickman
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