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This Sought-After Walmart Amenity is Quietly Disappearing

Some travelers are not happy this is going away.

Walmart has announced new additions to its grocery lineup recently. For example — Impossible Burgers are now available! And, they are also still offering low prices on some classic grocery staples, like milk.

But there is one amenity Walmart has offered for years that is quietly disappearing, leaving some travelers in the dark, says CNN. They have allowed RVs to park in their parking lots overnight ever since they were a brand-new grocery store. But according to, only 58% of the about 4,700 locations across the country still offer this. Almost 80% of stores allowed Walmart RV parking back in 2010.

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But right now, RV sales are high because they are an option to travel while staying safe during the pandemic. Walmart parking lots are a great option to take a break, seeing as they allow RVs to stay for 24 hours for free. Other places to park overnight or for an extended period of time charge for it.

CNN says Cracker Barrel, Lowe's, and Cabela's also offer overnight RV parking, but that some states have banned it in business lots in recent years. Some cities in Missouri, Oregon, and California all have ordinances. This could be one reason the amenity is disappearing at Walmart. Another might be that some people are abusing the 24-hour rule and staying longer.

While Walmart RV parking is disappearing, another is being picked up. Soon you'll be able to get your own health insurance there! They are currently hiring people to help build the service, so there are no details as to what it might look like and pricing. But the announcement goes along with one that says Walmart Health centers will open in two stores in Georgia and Arkansas.

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