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Walmart Is Testing A New Service to Make Your Grocery Shopping Easier

The world's largest retailer is testing a partnership with Instacart for quick home delivery.

Walmart is now offering same-day home delivery in select cities through a new partnership with Instacart, a "personal shopper" service that has partnered with all national grocery store chains to offer same-day delivery.

This is a big deal, considering Walmart is the world's largest retailer (90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a location!) and often offers the lowest prices on food and other items. Until recently, however, Walmart has been the one national grocery chain that hasn't partnered up with Instacart to offer same-day delivery.

That has changed, however, in the four markets across California and Oklahoma where the partnership is currently being tested. (Likely, this is ahead of a nationwide roll-out.)

"The new partnership brings thousands of items—from groceries, alcohol and pantry staples to home decor and improvement, personal care, electronics and more—at everyday low prices from Walmart stores to customers' doors in as fast as an hour," an Instacart spokesperson told CNN Business.

This latest Walmart move is rightfully seen by some as a direct shot at Amazon, who purchased Whole Foods in 2017 as a fulfillment resource for their same-day grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh. As more and more shoppers have chosen to purchase groceries online and have them delivered to their homes, it only makes sense that Walmart would opt into this same-day-delivery market.

Here's how the home delivery service will work if/when Walmart institutes it nationwide: After signing up on Instacart's site, users can select a particular Walmart location, then shop digitally for items they want to purchase. Those items can be delivered as quickly as one hour, but typically, within the course of that day.

This will be welcome news for many as the nation continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, which has had a major—and likely, lasting—impact on how we shop for groceries. (In the past few months, there's been a surge in online grocery orders for delivery and curbside pick-up, as more shoppers concerned with contracting the virus are choosing contact-less options.)

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