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States With the Highest Number of COVID-19 Cases

Each of these states has more than 100,000 confirmed cases.

Coronavirus cases continue to pile up across the nation at an alarming rate. According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of August 4, 4,698,818 cases of coronavirus had been documented in the United States with 155,204 deaths—with some parts of the country being hit harder than others. In fact, 13 states have already tallied up at least 100,000 cases of coronavirus, while a starling 4 of them topped 400,000. Here are all the states with the most documented cases of coronavirus. And to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these 21 Subtle Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.



Vehicles lined up to get tested for covid-19 at the Community Assessment Center.

(Coronavirus cases: 110,636)

According to a new report from Vanderbilt University's School of Medicine, it isn't just larger cities—such as Nashville and Memphis—that are being hit hard by the virus in Tennessee, but smaller metro areas are also reporting a growth in infections and hospitalizations. Early in the pandemic 75% of new infections were in the major cities but now the majority are originating in communities outside of them. 



Berks County, Pennsylvania-May 15, 2020: Patient being tested in her vehicle at Patient Frist drive-through coronavirus COVID-19 testing location.

(Coronavirus cases: 114,155)

Pennsylvania managed to slow their spread after strict lockdowns, but have recently experienced a surge of cases. "As the state has put in place targeted mitigation efforts to offset recent case increases, we must renew our commitment to protecting against COVID-19 by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and following the requirements set forth in the orders for bars and restaurants, gatherings and telework," Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine said on Tuesday. "Pennsylvania has been a model for the country on how to reopen effectively using a careful, measured approach. However, we know the virus has not gone away as we see cases rise, so we must work together to stop another surge."



Empty outfield seats at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

(Coronavirus cases: 118,657)

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said Tuesday that his administration is considering retightening coronavirus restrictions. "We've only had a slight uptick from a low of 1.7 percent to 2 percent," he said about the state's weighted seven-day average of the state's positive test rate during a press conference. "But we'll be forced to update our plans if the data warrants it. That could mean gathering sizes could be reduced, or we could make some of our business regulations more strict. Reopening and staying open is obviously a big part of the goal, but obviously we can't do that if we don't have everybody's help to continue to move forward."



Coronavirus Drive Through Testing at Mahalia Jackson Theater Parking Lot in New Orleans.

(Coronavirus cases: 120,846)

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced on Tuesday that he was extending Phase Two of the White House's reopening guidelines until Aug. 28. While the state is heading in the right direction, their positivity rate still tops 10%. Dr. Alex Billoux, with the Louisiana Department of Health, noted during the press conference that there are more than 50,000 active cases of COVID-19 in the state.


North Carolina

A sign explains social distancing guidelines at a public boat ramp.

(Coronavirus cases: 126,532)

On Tuesday, North Carolina passed the 2,000 death mark and also added 1,629 new lab-confirmed coronavirus cases, breaking a four day streak of declining new cases. Governor Roy Cooper has been tightening up restrictions in the state, banning alcohol sales in restaurants, breweries and establishments with onsite consumption after 11 p.m. starting last Friday. While the state is currently in Phase Two, their reopening plan is set to expire on Friday, though Cooper will announce his next move August 5. 



Shoppers practicing social distancing lined up outside retail warehouse store in Tucson during the coronavirus pandemic

(Coronavirus cases: 179,497)

Arizona reported 1,008 new coronavirus cases and 66 additional deaths on Tuesday morning, and according to Dr. Cara Christ, the state health director, this is good news. "We're actually trending down with the number of newly reported cases," she said during KTAR News 92.3 FM's Arizona's Morning News. "That seems to be continuing our trend and showing that our mitigation measures are working."


New Jersey

Aerial of Social Distancing in Belmar Beach

(Coronavirus cases: 182,614)

After flattening their curve, on Monday New Jersey announced a spike in cases to the tune of 175% over the last two weeks, according to an NBC News analysis. Additionally their transmission rate increased to 1.48—where it was in April during their peak. Governor Phil Murphy swiftly responded to their spike in cases by tightening restrictions on the number of people who can gather at indoor venues or parties from 100 to 25. "Limiting indoor gatherings to 25 people is a pretty meaningful step," he said. "We knew as we reopened we'd take on more risk." On Friday he blamed the "knuckleheads" in the state who weren't following the rules. "Everyone who walks around refusing to wear a mask or who hosts a house party is directly contributing to these increases. This has to stop, and it has to stop now," he said. 




(Coronavirus cases: 184,522)

Illinois has also seen the virus spread from their major city, Chicago, to more rural areas. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker visited Southern Illinois on Monday where the virus is surging. "I'm here today because the COVID-19 pandemic, which once seemed tamed in Carbondale and throughout the entire region, is now surging here," he said. "It's worse than in Chicago and I'll be frank, if we don't see some change here, the virus will cause some businesses to close and an increasing percentage of people (will) get sick and some will even die."



Girl back to school wearing a mask to protect from Coronavirus

(Coronavirus cases: 195,435)

Despite the fact that coronavirus cases are increasing in Georgia, the school district is still planning on sending kids back to school. Two major outbreaks have been reported in Georgia over the last week. One report, published by the CDC, involved 260 kids and staff members testing positive for the virus at an overnight camp, forced to shut down.


New York

Masked shoppers in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Coronavirus cases: 418,352)

New York's startlingly high numbers are mostly attributed to New York City, once the epicenter of the virus. However, in recent months the state has effectively slowed the spread of the virus and continues to. "Our progress in New York is even better than we expected, thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers. Our numbers continue to decline steadily, and for the third straight day in a row, there were no reported deaths in New York City," Governor Cuomo said on Tuesday. "But we must protect that progress, which is why today we are adding another state to our travel advisory. We cannot go back to the hell we experienced just a few months ago—and surging infection rates across the country threaten to bring us back there—so we must all remain vigilant."



Cars line up at city COVID-19 drive-through testing center

(Coronavirus cases: 442,014)

Coronavirus cases have been surging in Texas, a state that opted to reopen on the early side. Houston has been particularly hard hit by the virus, with their Mayor Sylvester Turner revealing on Monday that he would start issuing citations and fining people who fail to comply with the state's mask mandate. "When we are encountering people on patrols, out and about, and we are seeing that they do not have their mask on when they are in public and around other people, we will provide the necessary warning," he said. "And then a failure to heed to that warning will lead to a citation and a $250 fine."



Pompano Beach Coronavirus (COVID-19) Drive-thru testing spot. Broward Health staff testing (pre screening) people on COVID-19

(Coronavirus cases: 486,426)

Florida, another state that opted to reopen their economy much earlier than the rest of the country, has been experiencing the wrath of the virus ever since. On Tuesday they reported a lower number of new infections compared their numbers over the last month, but a near-record high of new deaths. However, the lower numbers may be due to the temporary closure of testing sites as a result of tropical storm Isaias. 



People line up at a mobile Coronavirus testing site at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital

(Coronavirus cases: 514,901)

California has the most coronavirus cases in the entire country. On Monday, their seven-day average of cases was 7,764 Monday, down about 21% from the previous week, according to Governor Gavin Newsom. However, according to the state's top public health official, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, "the seven-day positivity rate is absolutely affected" by a testing snafu, technical issues with the states data system used to process COVID-19 test results, and is most likely much higher than reported. As for yourself: Wear your face mask, get tested if you think you have coronavirus, avoid crowds (and bars, and house parties), practice social distancing, only run essential errands, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 37 Places You're Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus.

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