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These Two States May Delay Indoor Dining Indefinitely

Spikes in some states are affecting restaurants all over the country.

Two east coast states have seen a steady decline in coronavirus cases for a few weeks and are on pace to begin the next phase of reopening. But because the cases are skyrocketing in states in the south and west, it may delay others.

Texas, Florida, and California shut down bars recently after the number of coronavirus cases hit single-day record highs. This has the governors of New Jersey and New York worried enough that they may delay indoor dining. In fact, one already has.

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In New Jersey, restaurants won't be able to serve patrons inside until further notice.

"We have seen spikes in other states driven in part by the return of patrons to indoor dining establishments, where they are seated and without face coverings for significant periods of time," says Gov. Murphy. "We do not wish to see New Jersey experience a similar spike."

For New York, Phase 3 of reopening is next. This means restaurants can open dining rooms at a limited capacity. However, Gov. Cuomo said on Monday, June 29 that he may delay indoor dining based on what has happened in Texas, Florida, California, and other states that allowed customers to dine inside of restaurants, according to the New York Times.

But it's not just the indoor seating the state has to think about in terms of reopening, he says. "…you already have issues of people clearly violating social distancing, and you now have an added factor of viral spread all across the nation, and a high likelihood that those people will come to New York City. It's that combination of facts that's precarious."

Texas has shuttered reopening phases and reduced restaurant capacity from 75% to 50%. Bars in Florida have been shut down and can only serve alcohol to-go. Gov. Newsom closed bars in seven counties in California, including L.A. County after the number of new cases in that county alone hit 2,500.

New Jersey, New York, Texas, Florida, and California aren't the only states to halt reopening. North Carolina, Louisiana, and others are following suit. Here are 7 States Where Restaurant Reopenings Have Paused Or Reversed Indefinitely.

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