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This One Fast Food Restaurant Is Exploding in Popularity During COVID-19

Sonic is the establishment of choice during the pandemic. Find out why, here.

With so many states experiencing a rapid spike in new coronavirus cases, the prospects of full-service restaurants continuing to reopen to full capacity are becoming less promising by the day.

As a result, many fast-food chains are in high demand, as customers can just roll up to the drive-thru window and safely order their food to from there. Some establishments even have carhops bring the meals out to the customers' vehicle.

There is one fast-food chain that allows you to have both the dine-in experience while also limiting contact with the employees and other diners: Sonic. There isn't a dining room at Sonic, however, the chain does have a drive-in option, allowing you to much on your burger, French fries, and milkshake in the comforts of your car.

A study spearheaded by TOP Data and Cuebiq revealed what the most popular fast-food chain is in every single state during the pandemic. The data revealed that Sonic was the top choice in 14 states, which is double the number of states fast-food giants, McDonald's and Wendy's ranked first for.

Sonic was found to be the top dog in 14 states by analyzing "consumer tracking data as an indicator of visits to fast-food locations." This tracking data was gathered from June 2019 to June 2020, to which chains increased in popularity in each state. The states where Sonic reigned supreme were: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

In other states, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, Culver's, and—in Louisiana—Popeyes were among the other top contenders across the country. No matter which fast-food chain ranked highest in your state, the truth is, it doesn't really matter. They're all doing pretty well right now considering the circumstances. Still, Sonic offers that unrivaled experience of being able to drive somewhere, park, eat, and then go home. It's the little trips that make life enjoyable during this uncertain time.

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