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One Thing You'll Happily Not See at Grocery Stores Moving Forward

Expect your next shopping trip to look closer to normal.

The look of your favorite grocery store could be a lot different after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. New safety measures put in place to protect shoppers from the virus, like more self-checkout stations, less-stocked shelves, pre-packaged produce, and maybe even wider aisles, will be the new normal. But there is one thing that you probably will not see at a grocery store now, thankfully: a crowd.

As states lift stay-at-home restrictions and restaurants and other places open back up, supermarkets are becoming less crowded. Although some items like wheat products are ones you may not see at a grocery store soon, sales are up. And according to one manager at a King Soopers in Denver, Colorado, there are fewer people in the store.

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"We are beginning to see crowds begin to moderate," Jessica Trowbridge, the corporate affairs manager, told the local 9News. "As we've transitioned from 'stay-at-home,' people are going back to work, restaurants are beginning to open, and our business is beginning to moderate and become the new normal if you will."

Fewer customers mean the store has more time to stock up on things that are flying off the shelves. So, expect to see a lot of your favorite products that have been scarce lately to finally be available again. The price might still be higher than normal, especially if you're buying meat, but at least it will be available. However, it is not the time to buy in bulk, as many people are doing.

Over 40% of people in a PwC survey said they are going to continue buying more items than they need until the pandemic is 100% over. The more people do this, the more likely it is that shelves don't get stocked. But fewer people in the store and less demand is the perfect recipe for your favorite staples to be there.

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