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These Popular Grocery Offerings Are Quietly Vanishing from Stores

Stocking up on certain items is getting more expensive.

There's nothing Americans love more than nabbing a great deal, especially at the grocery store. And usually, bulk deals aren't all that difficult to find at most grocers across the country. However, the shift in buying habits and a surge in demand are making two-for-one type deals increasingly difficult to come by, according to CNN.

Grocery stores don't need to fight for customers

Right now, you'll have a much harder time finding a two-for-one deal on your Cheerios cereal, Campbell soups, or Heinz ketchup. And you can blame the pandemic for it—the more we're cooking at home, the more we're spending at grocery stores, which means that grocery stores don't need to rely on discounts for their customers to beat out the competition.

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Another thing we're doing less of is shopping around for best deals. A recent report on annual U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends by The Food Industry Association showed that 40% of shoppers are currently visiting fewer grocery stores than they used to. Since convenience now trumps any other shopping pursuit, we're more likely to buy everything we need in one place, deal or no deal.

Trickle-down deals are disappearing, too

Manufacturers of food are also a factor in disappearing deals. Before the pandemic, large companies were sacrificing some of their profit in the name of brand loyalty, offering discount deals to grocery stores which would then trickle down to consumers, too. But now, food industry giants like General Mills are struggling to keep up with consumer demand in the first place. The company pulled back on their Cheerios deals in May, where production was "a bit tight from a capacity standpoint," according to their group president of North American retail Jonathan Nudi.

Conagra, the food company that owns brands like Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, Birds Eye frozen vegetables, and Duncan Hines cake mixes, has also announced they are pulling back on manufacturer's deals. Discounts on cereal brands Honey-Comb and Grape-Nuts, which have been flying off the shelves during the pandemic, are disappearing in the second half of this year as well, according to brand owner Post Holdings.

Consumer trend experts agree two-for-one deals won't be coming back until grocery stores and food companies have to fight for their customers again. And we can expect that to happen once we get back to being picky about spending our grocery dollars. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest grocery and food news delivered straight to your inbox.

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