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The Best Pizza Ever at Domino's

Domino's has been busy these past few years, first successfully rolling out bolder sauce and better-seasoned dough, then adding the new Artisan line of pizzas, which, along with the Crunchy Thin Crust pizzas, provide some of the lightest slices in America. But there is still plenty of trouble afoot at the pizza juggernaut—namely, a line of high-calorie specialty pies and breadsticks and Domino's appalling line of pasta bread bowls and oven- baked sandwiches. Below find the best choices—and the worst.

Eat This

Brooklyn Style Crust Grilled Chicken and Jalapeño Pepper Pizza

Calories 540
Fat 22 g
Saturated fat 10 g
Sodium 1,700 mg

Not That!

Hand Tossed Crust Buffalo Chicken American Legens Pizza (2 slices, large pie)

Calories 700
Fat 34 g
Saturated fat 17 g
Sodium 1,760 mg

Designing your own pie is the best approach at Domino's—or any pizza chain, for that matter—and the Chicken/Jalapeño is one of the healthiest custom creations you can order. The Brooklyn crust is among is the chain's lightest, and grilled chicken is one of the leanest meat toppings on the menu.


Hand Tossed Crust Chorizo and Bacon Pizza (2 slices, large pie)
Crunchy Thin Crust Slices Sausage, Onions and Green Peppers Pizza (2 slices, large pie)
Fire Chicken Wings (4)

Other passes

Stuffed Cheesy Bread (4)
Italian Sausage Marinara Breadbowl Pasta
Hand Tossed Crust MeatZZa Feast Pizza (2 slices, large pie)


Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta
Domino's already doubled down on carbs with this bready pasta vessel, but by brushing it with an oil blend, the chain adds 44 supernatural ingredients like "disodium inosinate" and "lipolyzed butter oil" to the mix. Consider this a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

The ultimate swap

You could eat 9 pieces of Boneless Chicken, 1 slice of medium Crunchy Thin Crust Ham Pineapple Pizza and 1 Garden Fresh Salad with Light Italian Dressing


Have just 1 Italian Sausage and Peppers Sandwich (860 calories)!

Eat This, Not That!
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