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You Could Pay This Surprising New Way at Restaurants Soon

Absolutely no contact necessary with this clever method!

Between plexiglass and contactless checkout, grocery stores have gotten pretty clever on how to keep the checkout process safe and seamless for everyone. But as some restaurants start to reopen, eateries now have to ask themselves the same question: How do we check someone out safely? According to Restaurant Business, paying at restaurants will probably look a lot different in the future.

Instead of the usual payment with receipts, shared pens, and shared folders that hold your bill, restaurants may start turning to mobile checkout instead. With a huge surge in online ordering for takeout and delivery, the same type of contactless mobile ordering may even be used when dining within a restaurant's premises.

Allset, a restaurant ordering app, is seeing a particular boom in interested eateries that want to use their services. Before the virus, Allset spent the majority of its time marketing its mobile payment services to restaurants across the country. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, Allset is hearing from numerous restaurants wanting to use their services.

Contactless dining services are on the rise at numerous restaurants. Instead of signing the bill, customers can scan QR codes that allow them to view the menu (which means no one has to touch a shared menu anymore) and can even order from their phone. Restaurant Business says that customers don't even have to have the app downloaded in order to use this service.

Because of the use of QR codes on personal mobile devices, fewer restaurants are using kiosks and touch screens on tables or within restaurants at the moment. Using personal mobile devices means less risk for customers and employees in catching any illness. Along with contactless payment, here are 12 Subtle Changes Restaurants Are Making That You Won't Notice.

So the next time you dine out, make sure you have your mobile device on you. It may be your ticket for a safe, contactless ordering and checkout experience.

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