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These Silicone Bags Will Replace Your Plastic Storage Bags Once and For All

Learn more about Stasher and their reusable bags that became a 'Shark Tank' success story.

You probably have a baggie in the fridge right now holding some leftover cheese, another keeping your baked goods fresh, and then there are the ones you use to pack lunches on the daily. But there's always a bit of guilt and frustration that comes with throwing away those plastic bags after just one use—you've basically just tossed your money and more waste straight into the trash. The solution? Reusable silicone bags. After all, it's time to try to use reusable items across the board because, ahem, the environment needs it and so does your bank account and health.

The company Stasher, whose CEO had success with her idea on ABC's Shark Tank, makes multiuse varieties of reusable silicone bags that are more sustainable than plastic. According to the company website, Stashers have "no fillers or petroleum-based products," and they're also free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex, and phthalates. The vacuum-sealed, reusable, resealable silicone bags come in every size you could need: a snack size bag is $9.99, a sandwich size is $11.99, and a half gallon is $19.99.

While that might seem pricey, think about how much one box of Ziploc bags costs and how quickly you go through that. You can save loads of dough-long term by investing in Stashers, which can be tucked into the dishwasher after each use. Hooray for saving waste!

Stasher silicone bags in different sizes

Beyond making carrying your lunch to work or school easier and greener, there are other ways Stashers can help you with healthy eating. Let's talk about how magically they can sous vide. For the uninitiated, sous vide translates to "under vacuum" in French, which is basically the key to perfectly cooking proteins in a vacuum-sealed bag that's then dropped in a pot of water. By sous viding, you're not using any butter or oil that you normally would rub onto a skillet or baking dish, but that doesn't mean all the flavor in your meal is gone either. You can sous vide your food in a marinade, sauce, herbs, or spices. The sous vide process also almost guarantees you won't overcook your meat because temperatures in sous vide cooking are way lower, so your meat can stay tender. Double bonus! Stasher bags are safe to use in a pot of boiling water up to 400 degrees, in the microwave, or in a standard oven. And if you have leftovers, they're also freezer-safe.

Basically, the Stashers say meal prep master all over them. Make a steak in advance by sous viding it in a Stasher, then throw it on Ezekiel bread with hummus in a sandwich size Stasher bag for work the next day. Your coworkers will be peeking over their cubicles in envy. Their multi-pack (which sells for $54) could be a great gift for a health-conscious, planet-saving person, too.


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