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What You Need to Know About Starbucks' New Vegan Cold Brew

Instead of ordering a frap, save calories, fat, and sugar by indulging in one of these blended drinks.

Being vegan or opting for a dairy-free lifestyle is no longer a food trend—it's a way of life. And that means you can walk into any coffee shop and order an almond milk latte without looking like you have 10 heads. Now, Starbucks wants to take your vegan-friendly cold brew and turn it into high-protein java with their new Protein Blended Cold Brew drinks. Think of them as the healthier, plant-based version of their Frappuccinos.

The latest additions to Sbux's cold beverages are the Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew and the Cacao Protein Blended Cold Brew—both of which are available in a Grande (16-ounce serving).

Instead of loading them up with syrups, these protein-blended cold brew drinks are sweetened with a proprietary banana date fruit blend, which features coconut sugar, banana puree, and apple and date juice. And for a boost of hunger-curbing protein, Starbucks adds in a plant-based powder with pea protein and brown rice. Here's how the two drinks compare nutritionally:

Starbucks Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew

Starbucks almond protein blended cold brew
Courtesy of Starbucks

270 calories, 12 g fat (2 g saturated fat), 170 mg sodium, 30 g carbs, 4 g fiber (22 g sugar), 12 g protein

When you're craving a coffee ice cream but don't want to put a complete a kibosh on your healthy eating efforts, consider this frosty almond beverage. Made with cold brew, almond milk, almond butter, it'll fill you up fast and satisfy your sweet tooth. Since this drink is still high in sugar, we recommend splitting it with a friend or enjoying just half.

Starbucks Cacao Protein Blended Cold Brew

Starbucks cacao protein blended cold brew
Courtesy of Starbucks

250 calories, 9 g fat (6 g saturated fat), 170 mg sodium, 26 g carbs (5 g fiber, 26 g sugar), 10 g protein

Cheers, chocolate lovers! This ultra flavorful cocoa drink uses coconut milk instead of almond. It's also infused with a cacao blend that includes chocolate liquor, high-fat cocoa powder, and coconut sugar. A little almond butter lends an indulgent quality and creamy texture. Slightly sweeter and more caloric than the almond drink, we also recommend having just half.