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Starbucks Unveils New Dairy-Free Bottled Beverages For 2018

The java giant is releasing new dairy-free (and more!) options for coffee lovers to grab at grocery stores.

Sure, Starbucks released a bunch of new menu items over the summer, ranging from veggie-packed protein bowls to complex hand-crafted beverages, but the fast casual giant isn't stopping there. S'bux recently announced plans to release six new ready-to-drink beverages in 2018—most of them dairy-free! So what should we expect to see in our grocery stores' fridge come the new year?

New Cold Brew Flavors

Starbucks new cold brew flavors

In February 2018, Starbucks Bottled Cold Brew will be reinvented in two different flavors: Sweetened Black and Vanilla & Fig. We're especially excited for these new caffeinated offerings, as the cold brew is one of our favorite Drink This-approved orders at the shop, clocking in at only five calories per Grande cup.

Dairy-Free Frappuccinos

Starbucks almondmilk frappuccinos

A less waistline-friendly option and the first Starbucks item to ever hit store shelves, the bottled Frappuccino is also facing a makeover. In May 2018, the chilled coffee drink will be available with almond milk instead of dairy milk in both Vanilla and Mocha. While the regular bottled Mocha Frappuccino packs 180 calories and 31 grams of sugar and the regular bottled Vanilla Frappuccino has a whopping 200 calories and 31 grams of sugar, Sbux proudly states that the new almond milk beverages will have 35 percent fewer calories! We're crossing our fingers that the sugar content will be slashed, too.

Dairy-Free DoubleShot Smoothies

Starbucks new doubleshot flavors

Another dairy-free product debuting in May 2018 is the Doubleshot Coffee Smoothie in two flavors: Dark Chocolate Banana and Vanilla Honey Banana. Both blends are made with real fruit and almond milk.

Although the java giant hasn't yet released the latest products' nutrition information, we're keeping our eyes peeled and sticking to these 28 Starbucks Items that Diet Experts Love until we find out.

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