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This Is Exactly How Much More You'll Spend on Your Next Grocery Store Run, Survey Finds

It’s equal to about 25 loaves of bread…

The rise in bulk buying to stock up on all the essentials when the coronavirus pandemic started in March led to quite a few food shortages. Food prices were up and down, too, so if you noticed your grocery bills have not been consistent, you aren't alone. In fact, new research says many people are and have been spending more at the grocery store — $50 more.

A July survey of 501 adults released by The Manifest found 47% of people say their spending is steady. However, 38% say they are spending more at the grocery store right now. Of those, 23% say they are spending $50 or more. That's about 25 gallons of milk, or almost 19 pounds of cheddar cheese. Only 15% say their bill has gone up less than $50. 

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"With limited restaurant and eating options, people's spending habits on food have changed. More than one-third of people say their average grocery bill has increased during the pandemic," The Manifest says in the report, according to Supermarket News.

This could be attributed to the number of trips customers take now compared to earlier in the year. It also could have to do with how much they buy each trip. "People continue to shop in grocery stores, but they limit how frequently they shop each month by stocking up on more items at one time."

Some of those in-demand items have been revealed, and some have to do with specific diets. Researchers found in a survey of 1,000 shoppers that more than 60% of them are buying food online. A quarter of those say they want specific sugar-free or low sugar items the most. Over 20% of people say they want high-protein and low-carb food options when shopping. 

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