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America's Favorite Burger Chain Is Opening Up Its First Drive-Thru

You’ll be able to get a burger and shake this new way as soon as next year.

Although they are super popular for their burgers, shakes, and fries, Shake Shack is different from other specialty chains. They don't have a drive-thru!

The only way to get a ShackBurger or 'Shroom Burger (loaded with the special sauce), crinkle-cut fries, or a Black & White or classic Chocolate shake (stay away from the Loaded Chocolate Cookies & Cream shake), is to head to a location and order inside or use a delivery app.

But that's about to change. The company recently announced that next year they plan to open up the first Shake Shack drive-thru location. Expect two lanes for ordering directly from your car and one for picking up a mobile order. The location's site is still up in the air, but the company said specifically they want to test out the new ordering process in a suburban area with a lot of traffic, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

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With emphasis placed on contactless payment options in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, the brand has modified existing restaurants. For the safety of employees and guests, they have drive-up lanes and walk-up windows. They have been testing these new "Shack Tracks" since rules and mandates have been put into place to stop the spread of the virus. But sales still have dropped since many locations are in areas that see tourists and walk-in customers.

In June, Shake Shack said they were sticking with a limited menu to help employees manage takeout orders during the pandemic. Most of the over 160 locations across the country stopped serving Chicago-style hot dogs and concretes. Brand new restaurants, like one that opened in Sacramento, California, would also not have chick'n bites available. But they also announced that some versions, like Hot Chick'n Bites and spicy fries, will come back soon.

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