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A Second Rush of Grocery Hoarding May Be Coming Soon, Experts Warn

Don’t be surprised if people start to panic shop again.

In March when the coronavirus pandemic began, customers flocked to grocery stores to stock up on all the essentials. Who could forget empty shelves of toilet paper and baking supplies? Or the suddenly high prices of some staples like eggs and meat?

In the months that followed, things have calmed down at supermarkets across the country. Inventory has piled up and new safety rules are becoming the norm. But, with the number of cases continuing to rise, panic, rushed grocery hoarding could start up again.

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Without a significant warning in March, grocery stores weren't prepared for the high level of purchases. But now it is a little bit easier for companies and supermarkets to predict what needs to be in high supply. But although a second wave of shopping surges would be "less conspicuous," there still could be products out of stock, according to The Bulletin.

"Our plants have been running 24/7 to meet the unprecedented demand from our customers and consumers," says the president and CEO of Campbell's, Mark Clouse.

This anticipation also has brands and grocery companies opting for the less is more mindset. In order to keep the products that are in demand right now on the shelves, they are producing less of those that haven't been as popular. This is the reason you might see fewer versions of Oreos at the store — the classic kind has been way more popular than special varieties like red velvet.

This doesn't mean that these products are gone for good. But some companies and retailers have taken advantage of this time to consider what they want to offer. That being said, there are things that still might not be available if a second wave of grocery hoarding happens soon.

Costco's announcement that half-sheet cakes won't be sold anymore angered many fans. Yet, they aren't coming back. Other products from brands like Amy's Kitchen, Kraft Heinz, Progresso, and more also won't return to shelves.

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