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This Convenient Dining Perk You Loved May Be Gone For Good

You might have to do this yourself from now on.

No doubt going to restaurants looks different right now. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise into the millions, safety is the number one priority for restaurants. Of course, things like buffets and salad bars, condiments on the table, endless water refills, and even plastic menus, will be missed, but there's another amenity that might not make its return.

The CDC is recommending that everyone dining in at a restaurant park their own car. Yep, right now is not the time to utilize valet survives (if the restaurant even offers it).

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The luxurious perk, while convenient, means someone else has to get into your car to park it and to bring it back to you when you leave. While restaurant employees wear protective gear while at work, interacting with so many people as well as their vehicles could be risky for you and for them.

In Dallas, valet services are popular at restaurants. The city not only has several large valet companies, but many eateries are outfitted with the service. In Las Vegas, the main valet services at the Encore and Wynn hotels aren't operating. Valet employees are out of work and don't know when (or if) they will get their jobs back in a world where staying in your car is deemed safer.

Restaurants in some cities are shutting down dining rooms and going back to offering carryout and drive-thru orders. Walmart recently opened up some of its parking lots to drive-in movies. Online grocery orders are growing, and some supermarkets will bring your groceries out right to your car's trunk.

For now, it's best to park yourself. Similarly, it's best to wear a facemask and sit outside when you go to a restaurant. Here are 6 Things Restaurants Do That Increase Your Coronavirus Risk.

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