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The One Thing You Should Always Do in A Restaurant Bathroom

The CDC recommends doing this before you go.

Everything about dining in a restaurant is different because of the coronavirus pandemic. From the parking lot to inside, there are a lot of CDC-recommended rules in place to make sure everyone stays safe. You may have to wait in your car for a table or stay in a socially-distanced line. Wearing a mask is the norm, and you might not be handed a regular menu.

Looking out for these and other safety rules ensure a positive dining experience. But there's one thing the CDC says you should also do that you might not think about, and it has to do with the restaurant bathroom.

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When you get there, before you go, and after you go, you should always check the soap in the restaurant bathroom to make sure there is enough for you to wash your hands sufficiently. If there is none, check for hand sanitizer. If there's none of that, either, you should definitely tell a restaurant employee. Check for enough paper towels, too, so that you can fully dry your hands.

Washing your hands after going to the bathroom is a must, but it's especially important nowadays when you're out in public. Washing for 20 seconds or more with enough soap is a great way to prevent the spread of germs. You don't want to learn after you use the restroom that there's nothing you can use to clean your hands.

If there is no soap but there is hand sanitizer, make sure that it is made up of 60% alcohol. This is enough to kill the virus. Cover your hands by rubbing it around, and let it air dry. Skip a paper towel if you're using hand sanitizer because this will prevent it from working to kill all the germs.

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