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This Iconic Burger Chain is Adding Pizza to Its Menu

This menu expansion is a delicious one!

Restaurants are trying out creative ways to bring in more sales after the coronavirus pandemic shook up the industry. Some are using new ordering systems. Some are opening up drive-thrus. Others are expanding their menu. One restaurant adding to its repertoire is a beloved burger chain. Look out — Red Robin pizza is coming!

Some locations already are equipped with Donatos Pizza, and sales there are hitting record highs, according to the company's CEO Paul Murphy. So that means over 30 more locations in the Seattle area are now set to sell pies. The partnership first started in fall 2019 at Red Robin locations in North Carolina, Arizona, and Cleveland, Ohio, according to Forbes.

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The expansion news comes as the brand is rolling ahead with its reboot plan in the wake of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, according to Nation's Restaurant News. The company is hoping the option for Red Robin pizza, along with the reopening of dining rooms, and off-premise sales like the creation of some outdoor dining areas and curbside pickup, will bring in profits that were lost.

Sales fell hard in March and beyond. The burger chain saw a 47.1% decrease during the week ending on May 24 compared to the same week in 2019. That's over $30,000 per store. They went with a limited menu that helped streamline operations and cut food costs.

"We've made it easier for guests to enjoy our food outside our restaurants," Murphy says. For the quarter that ended on July 12, they saw off-premise sales rise 208.7%.

Yet, they still are sticking to the ideas they were about to roll out before the pandemic. "Red Robin is strongly positioned to emerge from the pandemic and resume our strategic plan," he says. This means restaurants could look different thanks to remodeling and new store prototypes coming soon.

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