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5 Items Everyone's Buying at Trader Joe's Right Now

These products don't stay on the shelves for long at the popular grocery chain.

Grocery stores have been experiencing a surge in shoppers during the pandemic, which means regular shipments are needed to keep up with the demand.

While most Trader Joe's locations across the U.S. receive daily deliveries, there are a few products that seem to be selling out more quickly than others. We spoke with a representative at Trader Joe's to find out which items continue to be cleared off the shelves by the end of the day.

These are the five Trader Joe's items that most people are buying right now during the quarantine.


Paper Products

Toilet paper in the hands of the buyer in the store

Like most supermarkets and grocery stores, paper products are among the first things to leave the shelves, which is largely attributable to customers' erratic shopping behavior. People all across the U.S. have been shopping like hoarders, and toilet paper is one such item that people are still fearing they're going to have a shortage of.

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Hand Sanitizer

hands sanitizer

While Trader Joe's locations are frequently replenished with products, hand sanitizer continues to be one that escapes from the shelves at a higher rate than other items. To be fair, Trader Joe's Grapefruit and Lemon hand sanitizer spray does smell really nice, so we can see why that may not be sticking around for long on store shelves, especially in this climate.



bag of flour

Everyone must be wanting to learn how to make their own sourdough bread because Trader Joe's employees are constantly having to restock the shelves with bags of flour.


Mandarin Orange Chicken

One of Trader Joe's most popular foods is its frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken. Each chicken bite is glazed with a special sauce made from California orange peels, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. The product first debuted in Trader Joe's about 16 years ago and it continues to be a crowd favorite, especially now when frozen foods are in high demand.


Cauliflower Gnocchi

cauliflower gnocchi from trader joe's
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Speaking of popular frozen foods at Trader Joe's, we're going to infer that the supply of Cauliflower Gnocchi is sparse at various locations across the country. There are so many recipes you can make with the cauliflower gnocchi. So what will it be, gnocchi breakfast hash or gnocchi alla vodka?

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