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Kellogg's to Launch Pretzel-Flavored Pop-Tarts in the New Year

We're eating this treat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Is there a right time of day to eat a Pop-Tart? The folks at Kellogg's don't think so. As Ami O'Keefe, the senior commercial strategy manager for convenience, explained to Food Business News, research has shown that about half of millennials who consume Pop-Tarts regard the iconic toaster pastry as an afternoon snack food, not exclusively a breakfast item. Applying this insight to their research and development, Kellogg's decided to add an afternoon-friendly snack to its roster of Pop-Tarts: the Pop-Tarts Pretzel. The confection comes in two varieties, Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar, and will be available in grocery stores around the country starting January 2020 for $3.49.

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Pop-Tarts debuted the innovation last month at the National Association of Convenience Stores trade show in Atlanta. Free samples were distributed at the event and received generally positive reviews on social media. Instagram personality @candyhunting reported from the frontlines: "From what I could tell from the small sample pieces I tried, they have the same texture as normal Pop-Tarts, but have a distinct pretzel flavor and added saltiness."

As confirmed in a recent press release, the Pop-Tarts Pretzel does indeed consist of a salt-flaked, pretzel-inspired crust, as well as the above-mentioned fillings. While this salty pastry will be unique in the Pop-Tarts lineup for its all-day snacking potential, fans of the brand will recall that Pop-Tarts has a history of flipping old snacking favorites into new exciting concoctions: S'mores, Pumpkin Pie, and Cinnamon Rolls have all famously received the Pop-Tart treatment over the years. And in 2017, the indomitable toaster pastry even came for Jolly Rancher! In comparison to these variations of the treat, a pretzel Pop-Tart was definitely due.

"Pop-Tarts is always ingeniously creating new ways to enjoy familiar, loved foods," said Joe Beauprez, marketing director at Pop-Tarts. "With the debut of Pop-Tarts Pretzel, we've fixed a snacking staple." And while we might not all agree that the pretzel needed fixing, the Pop-Tarts Pretzel is a snack we can all look forward to—for any time of the day. Hey, you might even try it for breakfast.

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