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Expect to See a Lot More of This Item at Fast Food Restaurants Moving Forward

Starbucks, Burger King and more popular chains have already caught onto the hype.

The price of meat has been sky high because of the pandemic. Many meatpacking plants like Tyson Foods and Smithfield Foods have closed down in the past few months because employees have gotten sick. Less supply and more demand for the product equals higher prices, and they're still not coming down.

Plant-based foods have been trending upward for a while now. Between March 2 and March 16, when many of the first stay-at-home orders were enacted, sales of plant-based meat products went up 91%, according to Barron's. So when restaurants were forced to close their dine-in services, many people switched from going out to eating in or hitting the drive-thru. And the result was more fast-food chains introducing menu items that catered to vegans, vegetarians, and people looking for meat alternatives.

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Starbucks is the latest to join the plant-based fast food club, introducing the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich earlier this month. The savory breakfast item is similar to other breakfast sandwiches. It features the Impossible sausage patty topped with a melty slice of cheddar cheese all in between two pieces of toasted ciabatta bread. You won't miss any protein by choosing this option over another — there are 22 grams per serving.

Last year Dunkin' put the Beyond sausage breakfast sandwich on their menu. It then made up 7% of the coffee chain's sales last year. Beyond Meat, the company responsible for the sausage in the sandwich found their stock rose 100% so far this year, according to Barron's. And just like the Starbucks version, this one isn't lacking in protein. With 25 grams, you'll be full until lunch.

With nutritional information like this, expect to see some more plant-based fast-food menu options in the next few months. Especially as restaurants work to bring in customers again after reopening and grocery stores look to keep restocking shelves. Sign up for our newsletter to get all the breaking restaurant news straight to your email inbox!

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