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Pizza Hut Goes Plant-Based by Testing All-New "Incogmeato" Sausage Pizza—Photos

With a name like "incogmeato," it has to be good.

Pizza Hut announced that they're hopping on the plant-based meat trend, but there's a twist: It's just for today and in one Pizza Hut location. Today, Wednesday, Oct. 23, is your chance to give their plant-based Italian sausage topping, which they are calling the "incogmeato," a try on their Garden Specialty Pizza—but only if you live in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Garden Specialty Pizza features onions, mushrooms, banana peppers, and, of course, the long-awaited incogmeato. This plant-based meat comes from MorningStar Farms, which is a Kellogg's-owned brand of vegetarian products.

"We innovate for human's sake and we'll win on taste—PERIOD. At Pizza Hut we don't do anything halfway and improving the customer experience and delivering a better-tasting pizza is our core mission," said Marianne Radley, chief brand officer of Pizza Hut, in a recent press release. "When we talk about feeding more possibilities, we mean it—and I can't wait to share these two new industry-changing innovations with our customers."

This plant-based meat option at a fast-food chain is the first from MorningStar Farms. All the others have come from other plant-based burgers like Impossible Meat and the Beyond Burger, so this is an interesting switch by Pizza Hut. Now rather than just comparing Impossible Meat to Beyond, we'll have to throw MorningStar Farms into the mix, too.

Pizza Hut is also the first pizza chain to use plant-based meat toppings on pies. Most other chains have been testing this vegetarian-friendly option in other forms like Burger King's Impossible Whopper, McDonald's P.L.T., and the Dunkin' Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich.

The box will be compostable

Not only is Pizza Hut dishing out this "incogmeato" pizza, but they're also doing it in compostable boxes from Zume. Zume is a startup food technology company working to make food delivery more sustainable. The box is circle-shaped, which makes complete sense for a round pizza pie. (We always wondered why typical pizza boxes are square anyway.) Not only is the box great for the environment, but it's also great for your pizza, keeping it hotter, crisper, and fresher than it would be in a normal pizza box, according to Zume.

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Where to get the Incogmeato pizza

For now, though, you can only get the Garden Specialty Pizza in the Zume box on Oct. 23 at the Pizza Hut location at 3602 E. Thomas Rd. in Phoenix, but only while supplies last. Hopefully, it's not too long before Pizza Hut decides to make the Incogmeato a nation-wide thing!

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