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Meet The Indoor Grill That Made Oprah's Favorite Things List This Year

It may even help you enjoy veggies more—the only way to know is to try it.

We could agree most foods taste better after they've spent some time cookin' up on the barbecue. Using a grill is a calorie-cutting way to keep you from lathering your mains in a whole stick of butter on the pan, too. As the winter months creep in though, we often bid farewell to our trusty grilled dinners because venturing into the cold sounds like some form of punishment.

But chin up, grillers. After ample digging, Oprah found an indoor grill out there worth every dime that'll have you whipping up BBQ favorites all season long—without bracing chilly conditions. Lo and behold the hero of the hour: the Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill. And it's so perfect that it landed a spot on Oprah's Favorite Things list.

Who Needs an Indoor Grill?

Though grilling indoors sounds great in theory, the last thing you want is thick smoke lingering in your home. That's why this grill is perfect if you live in a small space. The gadget uses only infrared lighting as its heat source, so once cooking, you'll hear that desired sizzle as you lay down your zucchini or slab of chicken, but no smoke will follow. The Philips grill has its own drop pan built in underneath to catch all the grease—the usual suspect for flare-ups and additional smoke.

It's Easy to Use

We really couldn't dream up an easier machine to navigate than this—even for the uninitiated. With only two settings, full power and keep-warm, there will be no fumbling on knobs and you'll be one step closer to that coveted grill master title. After turning on the switch, this baby fires up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit quick and its heat is distributed throughout the whole surface. That means you won't be dealing with any temperamental hot spots that tend to leave parts your food not fully cooked through.

How it Can Help You Eat Healthier

In the dead of winter, when you can't shake the cravings of a good veggie kebab or searing up some eggplants, we see this as the perfect way to not douse our food in oil and salt on the stove pan. Sure indoor grills can't mimic the gorgeous char marks that an outdoor grill provides, but they're pretty close in spirit to firing up the charcoal. Plus, if you're no grill expert, you won't have to worry about accidentally cooking your artichokes to a pile of carcinogenic charred ash or watching your skinny asparagus stalks fall through wide grates outdoor grills often have.

It's Queer Eye-Approved!

If you're a follower of Netflix's show, Queer Eye, there's a big chance you've already seen the grill. Antoni Porowski, the show's foodie, was gifted it in not one but two episodes. Clearly, it's in high demand, this is an easy go-to gift to check off all the cooks on your list. Infrared lighting is in, people!

Buy it now $279, Amazon

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