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You Can Now Order Groceries From This Beloved Convenience Store

Instacart is now partnering with a popular go-to convenience store to offer same-day delivery.

If you have started ordering more groceries online since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. In February, online orders accounted for 14.5% of people's weekly grocery store spending. By April it jumped up to 27.9%. Its popularity continues to rise, and supermarket chains are catching up. Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more aren't the only ones you can order from, though.

Instacart is partnering with 7-Eleven for same-day delivery, they recently announced. Now you can order groceries like snacks, candy, and over-the-counter medicine. Plus, get grocery staples like milk, cheese, bread, and more right to your doorstep. It even includes alcohol in some places. The best news is that once ordered, food can be delivered in as little as 30 minutes, according to Supermarket News.

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Over 7,000 7-Eleven locations will be available to order groceries from soon. Around 750 locations in Dallas, Miami, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. are ready now. Delivery hours range from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sales on the Instacart app are up since March and the beginning of stay-at-home orders, according to Nilam Ganenthiran, the president of the company. Retailers, too, are seeing more and more people use the service instead of shopping in-store.

Target recently made fresh and frozen grocery items available for curbside pickup. Walmart, too, has added over 1,000 new products to its online lineup. You also can place an entire online order there via email. With this new Instacart store addition, there is one notable chain missing — Trader Joe's. Yet, this isn't going to change anytime soon. Here's the Reason Why Trader Joe's Won't Do Curbside Pickup.

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