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Your Favorite Classic Childhood Treat Is Now a Cereal

It’s the brand’s 60th birthday, and to celebrate grab some milk and a bowl!

In honor of its 60th anniversary this year, Little Debbie is releasing Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal! The official brand social media accounts confirmed the news recently after rumors began spreading about the new breakfast treat.

The Instagram account @CandyHunting was the first to post the front of the cereal box. But soon after, there was a picture from Little Debbie herself confirming that the rumors are true. The box says the cereal is "crispy oatmeal puffs with a creme coating."

If they taste anything like the timeless sandwich cookies, then they are sure to be slightly nutty and slightly sweet with a hint of molasses. (Related: 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.)

Although the nutritional information isn't on the box, regular Oatmeal Creme Pies are about in the middle of the pack in terms of best to worst snacks. One cookie is just over 300 calories but contains 11 g of fat, 300 mg of sodium, and 27 g of sugar. However, they also contain carrageenan, which is an ingredient that studies have found to be linked to bloating around the stomach and even a higher risk of colon cancer.

While there is no mention of a release date for Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal, USA Today reports that one 9.1-ounce box will be $3.99 and a 14.5-ounce box will be $5.69.

Different takes on beloved foods are always fun, and brands are taking advantage of people wanting to try them. For example, there is a rumored brand new flavor of Mountain Dew — Watermelon. And it is pumpkin season. So seasonal versions of classic favorites like some of the items in Walmart's fall-themed food lineup (pumpkin spice pancakes? Yes please!) are stacking grocery shelves.

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