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Almost 20,000 Cases of These Types of Noodles Have Been Recalled

They could contain an undeclared allergen.

Peaches, potato chips, onions, frozen shrimp, chicken nuggets, prepared foods — these are all things that have been recalled recently. But there is another beloved grocery item to add to this list: noodles.

Almost 20,000 cases of 12 oz bags of Riviana Foods Inc. Ronzoni Smart Taste Extra-Wide Noodles have been recalled, the FDA announced on August 26. The bags were sold nationwide and have the manufacturing codes of MAR3022H, MAR3122H, JUN0422H, JUN0522H, JUL2422H, and JUL2522H, and the individual package UPC of 71300 05008.

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Although it is an ingredient in the product, the noodle package fails to declare the allergen "egg" and therefore could cause a severe allergic reaction for someone with an intolerance. If you bought this product between March and August, you can return it for a full refund.

So far there has only been one reported consumer complaint, with no illnesses or injuries. It was discovered that a "temporary breakdown in Riviana's packaging review process" withheld information about eggs in the noodles and led to the noodle recall. Retailers and distributors who bought the packages can separate the recalled noodles from safe ones with Riviana's help, according to the FDA's report.

The noodle recall joins a long list of others in 2020. A recent outbreak of salmonella in peaches has affected chains like Walmart and Target that sell it whole. But it also hit several peach salsa brands that were sold in eight states.

If you purchased any Crazy Fresh Perfectly Peach Salsa with a sell-by date of 6/25/2020 to 8/26/2020; Quick & Easy Perfectly Peach Salsa with a sell-by date of 7/29/2020 to 8/26/2020; and Clear Label Perfectly Peach Salsa with a sell-by date of 7/30/2020 to 8/23/2020, it should be thrown away immediately. The same goes for any Wawona Peaches, Wawona Organic Peaches, Prima Peaches, Organic Marketside Peaches, Kroger Peaches, and Wegman's peaches.

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