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The Ninja Foodi Is the New Multicooker Everyone's Talking About

A pressure cooker and air fryer in one? Yes, please.

Cooking appliances can be costly, and they can also take up a lot of precious space in your kitchen, which is why multicookers are so hot right now. In the past year, sales have jumped 112 percent, Chicago-based NPD Group analyst Joe Derochowski said in an interview with The Star. The latest multicooker to hit the scene is the Ninja Foodi, a 2-in-1 pressure cooker and air frying appliance. The appliance is a foot and a half wide, and it marries two concepts in a singular device, so you don't have to break the bank or overstuff your cabinets.

Why are people obsessing over the Ninja Foodi?

As the holidays approach, you're likely planning a holiday party or attending one where you need to whip up some delicious food. If you're making a conscious effort to keep the weight off this season, but still want to create a mouth-watering meal that impresses all of your friends, the struggle is real. Don't sweat it though: The Ninja Foodi may just be the solution.

The appliance is a lifesaver for those who are obsessed with the Instant Pot and prefer air frying their meat and veggies. The device can cook chicken until it's tender—in the same amount of time or less than it would take in the oven—but without the added calories from oil. The Ninja Foodi saves you time, calories, and space, which is why people are obsessed—what more could you ask for?

How does the Ninja Foodi work?

There are several steps to using this miracle product, but you can only use one function at a time. The 6.5-quart pressure cooking basket is capable of holding up to six pounds of meat, and it can cook frozen meat within just 20 minutes—an expedited pace compared with traditional baking methods. The 4-quart air fryer basket allows you to cook and crisp anything from vegetables to meat. But if you want to do both for the same food, all you have to do is drop in the crisping lid after the food has been thoroughly cooked. This gives the meat or vegetable that crispy outside while remaining juicy and tender on the inside, a process Ninja calls TenderCrisp technology. And there's no oil in sight!


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