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This Fast-Food Chain Just Brought Back Its Beloved Fried Pickles

The favorite seasonal side dish is back.

Zaxby's award-winning chicken sandwich has a new (old) sidekick! Fried pickles are back on the menus at select locations of the beloved chicken chain, and fans are rejoicing.

"Fried Pickles are a perennial favorite with our guests, and we can't wait for you to try them with our Signature Sandwich," said Zaxby's chief marketing officer Joel Bulger. "They're crispy and tender at the same time while that tasty dill pickle flavor cuts right through."

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The popular side dish is made of thin slices of dill pickles coated in a cornmeal breading—a nod to Zaxby's Southern roots—which are then deep-fried. They're perfect for snacking or adding to any of the chain's chicken items. If ordered as a Shareable, they also come with a side of Zaxby's ranch sauce.

Fried pickles will be available at participating locations for a limited time.

The chain just recently rolled out its Signature Chicken Sandwich, and while they may have been outsiders in the Chicken Sandwich Wars, the patience seems to be paying off—the sandwich was rated as the best one in the category by food publication Thrillist.

"When it comes to portion size, flavor and quality ingredients, Zaxby's is in it to win it," Bulger said of the sandwich. "While we may not be the largest brand competing in the sandwich war, I'm confident we have the right ingredients to win on taste and make chicken sandwich enthusiasts switch to Zaxby's."

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