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This Beloved Grocery Chain Is Launching Its Own Beer

Their acclaimed new brewmaster's been hustling to make the brand's fan base happy.

We all have some store-brand groceries we buy sheerly for the savings… and some we buy because they're legitimately the best on the shelves. One national grocery chain has taken a bold step into the craft beer game, and some of their most frequent shoppers are questioning only one thing about their approach: How can we get more of this stuff?

According to the San Antonio Current, Whole Foods is now brewing its own Double IPA, which is currently available in all Whole Foods Market Texas stores. They're also producing a New England IPA (the "Wholistic Hazy," naturally) and what they're calling their Post Oak Pale Ale, both which the Current reports "will be widely available by the end of 2021." For now, only Houston Whole Foods shoppers can find all three on draft, at the Post Oak Whole Foods' in-store brew pub.

whole foods beer
Courtesy of Whole Foods

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According to, it was January 2020—still the pre-COVID era—when the Houston-based Whole Foods Brewing Company brought on Chris Shelton, whose LinkedIn page describes him as an Italian-trained level-one sommelier (not bad), as well as an award-winning master brewer who has played a part in releasing "over 30 commercially produced styles including local ingredient special releases" over more than two decades. It looks like this beer and wine guru has harnessed his expertise to bring some exciting flavors to Whole Foods, with notes of mango, citrus, and grass reportedly turning up in these new Whole Foods beers, depending on which one you pick.

For shoppers outside of Texas, how can we belly up to order these Whole Foods beers? There doesn't appear to be word just yet when Whole Foods Brewing Company might take their beer venture wider—but in the meantime, we've got you covered with this week's reveal of the most popular beer in America. To get all the latest beer and wine news delivered straight to your inbox each day, sign up for the Eat This, Not That! newsletter.

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