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Walmart Is Expanding This Grocery Service, but People Are Skeptical

Would you let someone you don't know put up your groceries for you?

Walmart suspended its InHome grocery service when the COVID-19 pandemic began because of safety rules, but now it's returning—and some shoppers are skeptical.

Workers deliver groceries to your home, unload them for you, and put them away inside of your kitchen. While that would have been unheard of a year ago, vaccines, masks, and the rise of digital grocery shopping have inspired Walmart to bring InHome delivery back, according to Bloomberg. (Related: This Is the Best Supermarket in America, New Survey Says)

The InHome service is currently being tested in Northwest Arkansas and Southeast Florida before it makes its way to Atlanta in July. Long-tenured employees will be used, and they'll be trained to stock fridges "neatly," according to Walmart.

To access homes, smart locks will be utilized. Workers will wear masks, gloves, booties, and body cameras that live stream and record deliveries. While Walmart is allowing pets to be inside homes in one market, others will require them to be out of the way, Bloomberg reports. The service costs $19.95 a month, but the smart locks aren't included.

What Walmart customers are saying about InHome delivery.

Some shoppers find InHome delivery to be incredibly convenient. "Having someone pick up my groceries, deliver, and put them away is a lifesaver," one mom of five in Pittsburgh told Bloomberg.

However, 9 out of 10 people said they're unlikely to try it, according to a survey by CivicScience. Some individuals are unsure about letting someone from outside of their homes come indoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, who isn't particular about how their kitchen is laid out?

While potentially invasive—especially during a pandemic—the service could be helpful for some, one Twitter user pointed out.

If you, like others, aren't up for trying this delivery method yet, you have options. Walmart has other services that you can take advantage of—but one in-store feature is disappearing soon.

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