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Target Just Partnered With This Money-Saving App to Offer Grocery Deals

You can also track your grocery spending at the same time!

Chances are, you have a grocery store's app downloaded on your phone already because it helps you see what's in stock, any current deals, and the items you've recently purchased. But now, grocery giants Target and Safeway have partnered with another app to bring customers even more chances to save money: Google Pay.

"Small expenses add up, but finding ways to save on everyday items like groceries is one way to keep your budget in check. However, it can be a cumbersome task," Josh Woodward, the director of product management at Google says in an announcement about the new app features. "Taking the time to look through coupons, finding the right offer, remembering to bring them with you or tracking down that promo code you saw online (where was it again?) can be tedious."

The Google Pay App now lists the weekly sale items at 500 Safeway stores and all Target stores nationwide. It also tracks your monthly spending and categorizes purchases. Searches can be made for general things like "food" and "grocery," but also for more specific brands and places, making it different than searching both of the store's individual apps, Woodward says.

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Google Pay groceries
Courtesy of Google Pay

As Google explains about its revamped Google Pay App:

"To find the latest grocery deals, search for Safeway or Target in the Google Pay app and tap 'View Weekly Deals.' If you've turned on location in Google Pay, soon the app will notify you of the weekly deals at Safeway and Target stores when you're nearby."

Google relaunched the Google Pay app last year to compete with others like Venmo and Apple Pay. The tech now allows users to pay friends and businesses, find offers, and can even reward you for keeping track of your spending.

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