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Taco Bell Is Testing New Cheesy Menu Items

Featuring their newest ingredient: cheese curds.

Customers, the media, and rival chains are all buzzing about Taco Bell's unusual taco-like chicken sandwich, but the fast-food giant isn't taking a break for a victory lap. Instead, the brand is already testing two new menu items featuring its latest buzzworthy ingredient: cheese curds.

Crispy Cheese Dippers and Crispy Cheese Nacho Fries both feature fried cheese curds in a tortilla chip coating, which is the same breading used on Taco Bell's fried chicken. A nine-piece order of the Crispy Cheese Dippers comes with a side of chipotle dipping sauce. If you order the Crispy Nacho Fries, your dippers come sitting on a throne of Taco Bell's enormously popular fries. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades)

While all of this sounds delicious, the initial rollout is unfortunately quite small. The two new items are only being offered at one Taco Bell location—131 E. Orangethorpe Ave. in Fullerton, Calif.—through March 10. Worry not, because they may eventually earn a spot on Taco Bell menus nationwide, according to Thrillist.

This latest creation was concocted as part of Taco Bell's Learning Labs project, which is basically the chain's test kitchen. Ranging from the logical to the outrageous, it's responsible for frankensteining Taco Bell's menu innovations, which it frequently tests out at the above California location. The company has been pretty tight-lipped about the novelties it has in store for us this year, but we do know that at least a few of them will involve fried chicken.

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