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This Taco Bell Item is Selling For $25,000 on eBay

Usually, it's available at the fast-food chain for free, so why is this favorite so hot?

Taco Bell fans are as loyal as they come… and apparently, they really, really love the fast-food chain's hot sauce.

Taco Bell hot sauce packets—either sold as individual packets or in bulk—are selling for ridiculous prices on eBay, according to Fox News. One listing for 40 hot sauce packets sold for $12.99 (remember, these hot sauce packets are usually free at Taco Bell locations, and even sold by the bottle at your local grocery store for around $6), while others, like this listing for "Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Blank Packet No Label. SUPER RARE (apparently)" is going for $24,999.99.

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The seller, from Sun City Center, Florida, describes the pricey hot sauce packet as:

"Rare instance of a misprint leaving a Taco Bell packet without the sexy pun it usually comes with. Limited collectible, get yours here. Found it the fifth time I ever ate there. If you give me money for it I'll probably go to Taco Bell more often tbh.[sic] I'm hungry, please feed me."

Another listing is asking $2,500 for six packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. "Condition is 'New.' Shipped with USPS First Class. Make your wildest dreams come true with these LIMITED Edition Taco Bell hot sauce packets. Forget about that Shining Fates Charizard, buy these instead!!"

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People have taken to Reddit to ask why this trend is even happening, and what about these hot sauce packets deem that they should be sold as opposed to simply collected from Taco Bell for free. As Reddit users note, finding one of Taco Bell's hot sauce packets that doesn't have a witty saying on it is, indeed, a common occurrence. The most logical answer here? This is a scam.

It's not the first time common fast-food items have been treated like gold on eBay—there's this McDonald's item that's listed for $500, too.

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