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Taco Bell's New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco Is Getting Rave Reviews

The brand-new menu item is looking to be a strong contender in the fast-food chicken sandwich wars.

So far, early tasters of Taco Bell's latest taco—the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco—have been positive in their reviews of the brand-new menu item.

Sept. 2 marked the nationwide arrival of the "long-awaited" launch, as the fast-food chain called it in a recent press release.

The taco-slash-sandwich hybrid, which sells for $1.49 and clocks in at 280 calories before optional upgrades, consists of a thick, bready "taco shell" wrapped around a piece of fried chicken that has been slathered in chipotle sauce. There's also a spicy crispy chicken sandwich taco option that adds jalapeños. It is the same price as the base option.

Optional upgrades include diced tomatoes, beans, sour cream, or chopped grilled chicken, in case the primary slab of fried chicken was not sufficient, all of which add some cost and calories.

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Clearly Taco Bell has high hopes for success with their latest debut, especially in the context of the ongoing so-called Chicken Sandwich Wars that have pitted the fast-food heavy hitters against each other in recent months. The determining factor, of course, will be how customers feel about the new taco.

Based on early sentiments, these tacos are going to be a success. YouTube food reviewer Peep THIS Out! called the tacos "a little small" but loved the breading on the chicken as well as the taste and feel of the bun. He also appreciated that the chipotle sauce added "a little bit of heat."

One Twitter user, @MythicalChef, called the new tacos "pretty damn tasty" with the "seasoning game on point," while user @morgoj praised its "good flavor" and said "would eat again" despite the taco/sandwich being a "small portion."

The only consistent customer complaint among those commenting on Twitter had less to do with the Sandwich Taco's taste and more to do with classification. One Twitter user, @Theicedragon22, spoke for many when saying: "A taco…. because a hotdog is a taco?"

We'll let you be the judge if and when you try the new menu item for yourself.

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Steven John
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