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This Restaurant Is Offering Adult Happy Meals—With Booze

A burger, beer, and dessert are making takeout a convenient choice in one city.

Isn't there just something extra fun about the kind of lunch you unpack from a box? One restaurant has caught on to one of the greatest thrills from our younger years to craft a grown-up version of the happy meal, and their menu makes it tough to argue against the convenience of takeout.

Dunlap Cafe in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is offering adult happy meals that make lunch more convenient. The hometown haunt seems to know that COVID-19 restrictions have got a lot of people down, so it's serving up lunch in a way that's both to-go friendly and buzz-worthy. Inside the cutest personal lunch box, the restaurant offers the choice between a burger, chicken tenders, or a fried chicken sandwich, plus fries or a pack of Twizzlers (!!), and a new meaning to the "extra value menu" concept.

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Whether customers want soda, beer, or something else to make mealtime interesting, Dunlap Cafe offers a beverage list that customers can add to their grownup happy meal. The six spirited choices range from "the Working Class Box," which "comes with a pop, 'cause you're on the clock," to the "Super Basic Box" packed with beer, the "Soccer Mom Box" with a hard seltzer, or the "Pouch of Fun" for $12, which comes with a cocktail.

Even though it's not the healthiest, the adult happy meal seems to be a hit, as the Dunlap Cafe announced on Saturday that they're sold out of some items until this Wednesday. That appears thanks to news coverage from a local TV station, WLWT, who first reported on this local promo.

Big props to all the restaurants making their way through the pandemic, especially when they get creative in such customer-friendly ways. If you're venturing out to eat a little more often, don't miss our new list of the most fun restaurants in every state.

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