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Popeyes Is Bringing Back Its Massively Popular Holiday Item

Makes for the easiest Thanksgiving dinner you'll ever serve.

Fall has officially kicked off just last week, but for many, it means it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving plans. If you're lucky enough to have your Thanksgiving meal prepared by a friend or family member, make sure you at least bring them some wine. But for those who'll need to take care of their own turkey, we have some great news: Popeyes is bringing back their massively popular Thanksgiving turkey for another holiday season.

The chain's hand-rubbed Cajun Style Turkey appears on the menus once a year and proves that the Popeyes can do more than just chicken. It comes whole and precooked, so you're literally able to skip all the fuss around properly roasting the Thanksgiving bird this year and simply focus on the sides. Don't want to do any cooking at all? Popeyes has you covered with all the sides and fixin's, too, which can complete your holiday table. Think mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and biscuits . . . and even those hand-held Apple Pies, which can come in handy in case you forget to pick up an actual pie.

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Popeyes cajun style turkey
Courtesy of Popeyes

If you're thinking of going with Popeyes' turkey this year, you'll be able to preorder it at your nearest restaurant location by calling or visiting in person starting on October 18. The turkeys are sold frozen so you will need to do some thawing and warming in the oven on Thanksgiving day, but the flavor and texture are guaranteed to come out perfect.

While Popeyes hasn't yet announced the pricing on these turkeys, last year they started at $39.99. And considering how much planning, shopping, and effort it takes to actually cook a decent turkey at home, this seems like a complete steal!

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