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Polar Seltzer Just Released These Five New Flavors for Summer

We've got the list, and fans sound ready for this fizz.

Polar Seltzer may be an almost 150-year-old brand, but they know how to keep up with the times. The beloved, Massachusetts-based seltzer brand has launched a summer lineup, and the Polar Seltzer summer flavors have social media popping.

Shhh—do you hear that? No? Maybe that's because fizz is pretty quiet. Similar to Dr. Pepper's news in recent weeks about the three Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar flavors, Polar Seltzer dropped their major summer flavor news delicately and let it bubble into buzz. In early April, the brand took to Instagram to release their 2021 summer flavors, which are available in the classic Polar one-liter bottles (except one, see below) or handy individual 12-ounce cans.

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So what are the flavors in the Polar Seltzer summer flavor release? Check these out:

  • Watermelon Mojito
  • Tropical Cherry
  • Blackberry Mango Punch
  • Pink Summer Iced Tea (one-liter bottle only)
  • Strawberry Margarita
Polar Seltzer Summer Flavors
Courtesy of Polar Seltzer

If Blackberry Mango Punch and Strawberry Margarita sound familiar, you know your seltzer well. Both of these have been limited-edition Polar summer flavors in the past and have made a comeback this season, perhaps due to popular demand (as Polar calls Strawberry Margarita "the star of the staycation that was the summer of 2020").

Mass Live has seconded this by ranking Strawberry Margarita among the top 10 Polar Seltzer flavors of all time (listing 64 flavors in total), with Pink Summer Iced Tea not far behind at number 13. (What's so pink about it? Reportedly, notes of pink lemonade. Yum, summer.)

Polar notes that all five flavors are available now, "naturally calorie-free," and flavored with "other natural flavors for depth and complexity." If you're serious about seltzer, check out the popular seltzer brand that's being sued for alleged false ingredients.

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