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This Fast-Food Pizza Giant Is Adding a New Popular Sandwich to the Menu

The beloved Papadia is getting a makeover.

When you're on a roll with cheesy ingenuity, why stop? Papa John's certainly isn't. Following the major success of the chain's Epic Stuffed Crust, the recently launched premium creation which helped the company's sales soar in the latest quarter, the pizza giant is betting on another cheesy winner. But this time, it's crunchy instead of melty.

The chain unveiled this week that it will be adding a new type of Papadia sandwich to its menu. The Parmesan Crusted Papadia will provide customers with everything they love about this line of Italian-inspired flatbread sandwiches, with the addition of a crispy parmesan coating baked onto the pizza dough.

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The Papadias were first launched in February of 2020, and have quickly become favorites for Papa John's fans. In fact, the company's data says that once customers try a Papadia, there's a 70% chance they'll order it again. To that end, the chain is offering a promo on the latest item for loyal fans—Papa Rewards members can get an exclusive first taste of the premium Parmesan Crusted Papadia through May 23.

Starting on May 24, the new Papadia will be available to all customers nationwide. But keep in mind this is a limited-time offer and is likely to leave the menus in the near future.

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