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This Is the Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Gold Medalist Allyson Felix Eats to Stay Fit

This is how the legendary U.S. track star fuels up.

Nine-time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix is set to compete in the 400-meter dash at the Tokyo Olympics next week in what will be her fifth and final Olympic Games.

Felix, whose Olympic career began in 2004, is currently tied with Merlene Ottey of Jamaica (1980-2000) as the third most decorated track and field Olympian of all time. The track star was slated to compete in the mixed-gender 4×400 relay on Friday, but the U.S. team was disqualified due to an exchange between the first and second legs, Elija Godwin and Lynna Irby.

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Between the 400 meter-dash and the women's 4×400 meter relay, Felix still has two more shots at taking home Olympic medals. As the legendary track star gears up to potentially make history, we thought we'd take a moment to showcase some of her favorite foods.

She keeps breakfast light.

yogurt parfait

In an exclusive interview with EatingWell, Felix says she typically keeps breakfast nice and light with yogurt and granola. She'll then have either an acai bowl or a smoothie on her way to the gym to train.

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Lunch calls for a healthy bed of greens.

salad with chicken

In the same interview, Felix says lunch consists of a salad with protein and fruit. Dinner is where the track start gets the bulk of her calories.

Dinner is her biggest meal.

grilled salmon fillet

"I eat a lot of fish, brown rice or sweet potatoes, and veggies. Asparagus is one of my favorites. And zucchini," Felix tells EatingWell. If she's had a hectic day, she likes to have a glass of sauvignon blanc to help her unwind.

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And for dessert, Felix has a few homemade treats.

cinnamon rolls

Felix admits that her secret talent is baking, with her go-to's being homemade cinnamon rolls, pound cake, and German chocolate cake.

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