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There's a Major Shortage of These Two Popular Produce Items

Importers say there's currently "very little supply" of these staples.

Pandemic stuggles and the blockage on the Suez Canal have messed up a lot of food shipments in recent weeks, and now, international importers are saying there are shortages of two fresh foods so many of us love.

That's right: Mangos and avocados are tougher to come by than usual, according to the global produce trade site, Fresh Plaza.

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Peru's mango season is almost over, so stores are looking to the Ivory Coast for their next supplies. However, the Ivory Coast didn't have an exceptional harvest, and their mangos are said to be unusually larger than normal this year. This may "cause problems for supermarket programs," Ive Lambert, Belgium branch manager of the importing company, Starfruit, tells Fresh Plaza. "Many supermarkets want size 8 or 9. But this year, less than ten percent of the crop is size 9." (By the way, if supermarkets' refusal to accept perfectly good—albeit large—produce upsets you, join the club.)

What's more, there's a lack of avocados. As Lambert explains:

"There's very little supply. This week, there are particularly low volumes coming in. The boats have been delayed for many weeks. And the authorities are carrying out many scans in the ports. That also causes delays."

Add to this the fact that some crops are taking nearly a week to ripen—when avocados typically only need three days to become the perfect toast topper—and what you're left with is a delay in supply.

We'll keep our eye on the avocado shortage as Cinco de Mayo approaches. In the meantime, know that there's another shortage of this beloved seasoning.

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Krissy Gasbarre
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