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This Popular Pizza Chain Is Testing Crispy Chicken Pizzas

The fried chicken craze has collided with pizza.

The chicken sandwich wars have officially migrated onto pizza! Beloved chain Little Caesars has been spotted testing four new pies that include crispy fried chicken pieces as toppings.

The pizza giant is rolling out a new Crispy Chicken Cravers menu, which includes four pizzas topped with fried chicken and four matching flavors of chicken wings, according to Chew Boom. The Crispy Chicken Pizzas come in BBQ, Buffalo, Garlic Parm, and Naked varieties. In addition to poultry, all four large pizzas have cheese and white sauce. (RELATED: 7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone Is Talking About)

Whereas the chicken is the star of this show, sauce is an equally important supporting player. The BBQ Crispy Chicken Pizza is topped with a swirl of BBQ sauce, the Buffalo Crispy Chicken Pizza is topped with a swirl of buffalo sauce, and the Garlic Parm Crispy Chicken Pizza is topped with a swirl of garlic parm sauce. The Crispy Boneless Chicken Wings come with dipping sauces in the same new flavors, and you can use them on your pizza, too.

Unfortunately, Little Caesars is rolling out these new items rather conservatively. The additions are reportedly being tested at select locations in Tennessee, so you're very lucky if a restaurant near you happens to offer them. The chain similarly started testing the Garlic Parm Chicken Pizza as a one-off at Washington State locations last year, per Chew Boom.

Stay tuned: It's highly likely that Little Caesars will expand these tests pending the success of the new crispy chicken pizza trend, and you can sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates delivered straight to your inbox. To read more about the latest fast-food news, check out 9 Best Limited-Time Fast Foods on Menus Right Now.

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