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This Major National Pizza Chain Just Launched a Brand New Mashup Item

Is it a pizza? Is it a calzone? Why, it's both!

We'll take it for granted that you know what a pizza is, but to make sure everyone is on the same page, a calzone is essentially just a folded pizza. It uses the same type of dough, the same sauces, the same cheeses, and the same toppings as the beloved pie, only in this case, they would be thought of as fillings instead.

Now a new menu item from Little Caesar's blurs the line between these two bready, cheesy items. The Crazy Calzony, sales of which started just this week, offers both a pizza and a calzone experience in each slice. The pie features folded-over pizza triangles, which results in eight slices that look like a regular pizza on one end and a calzone on the other.

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little caesars pizza calzone
Courtesy of Little Caesar's

The funky shape and the crossover alone make the Crazy Calzony an interesting new choice, but the chain added a few more twists to differentiate their new offering. For example, the pepperoni is served two different ways—as standard circular pepperonis on the slice part and "julienned" (cut into thin strips) in the calzone portion.

In fact, whether you get the pepperoni or simply cheese-only version of the Calzony, both will feature parmesan and buttery-tasting, calzone-like crust filled with garlic white sauce, according to the chain's site.

Available now for pre-order, pickup, for delivery, the Crazy Calzonys will be added as a "HOT-N-READY" menu item starting on Monday, August 23. Both the cheese and pepperoni options are currently priced at $8.49, though prices may vary by location. The calzone-pizzas will be available in Little Caesar's restaurants all across America—which means all 50 states!

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