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Lindsey Vonn Just Shared Her Challenging Butt Workout

The Olympian credits this routine for keeping her in such amazing shape.

Whether she's hitting the slopes or hitting the gym, working out is an integral part of Lindsey Vonn's daily routine. However, it's not just training for competitions or appearances that's kept Vonn in such great shape for all these years—the Olympian just shared the lower body workout she does to keep her butt toned, and her exercise routine is no small feat.

In a May 10 post to her Instagram stories, Vonn revealed her exact lower body workout, which consists of a series of heavily weighted squats, performed using both free weights and machines.

lindsey vonn in black outfit doing squats
© Lindsey Vonn / Instagram

"Monday ?? LFG!" she captioned a video of herself performing the routine at her local Equinox gym.

While Vonn may be insanely fit, the athlete—who recently teamed up with The Rock and Under Armour to promote Project Rock, the apparel company's latest line of fitness gear—has admitted in the past that it hasn't always been easy for her to embrace her shape.

"I had a hard time after I won the Olympics because I was taken outside my ski bubble and put in this entertainment and celebrity bubble and around people that were half my size," Vonn revealed on an April 2021 episode of The Keep Going Podcast.

"I feel like I've never conformed my personality or my style but for positive body image, I definitely struggled with that," she admitted.

Despite feeling pressured to conform to a specific standard when it comes to her shape, Vonn says her ongoing commitment to her fitness goals has helped her make the most of a challenging year.

"It's easier for athletes because they are still are able to train to some degree and to get some sort of outlet," Vonn told CNN.

"I found that [fitness] is the one thing in retirement that I really need. I really need to stay fit and active. When I don't, I really get depressed when I'm not able to physically exert myself. Even though I'm not competing, I still need that stimulation."

Luckily, between skiing with friends and hitting the gym, it's clear that Vonn's found plenty of opportunities to keep moving.

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