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Lindsey Vonn in Sporty Bikini Celebrates Earth Day 2021

The Olympian promoted Earth Day while on the beach.

Since she retired from professional sports, Lindsey Vonn has a new favorite pastime: working out. And today on Earth Day 2021, she put her fit figure to work on Instagram Stories, clad in a blue bikini and promoting SeaLegacy, whose mission is "to create healthy and abundant oceans for us, and for the planet." The former Olympic skier has been training with Gunnar Peterson "to be lean and fit," she recently revealed to New York Post's Alexa magazine. This week, the 36-year-old headed south-of-the-border, flaunting her washboard abs in a series of bikinis—including in the Earth Day photo. Read on to see the pic, and to hear about what she been doing to achieve those fitness goals. 


She Makes Working Out a Priority


@lindseyvonn / Instagram

Vonn doesn't use her vacation time as an excuse to bow out of workouts. "Wouldn't be a vacation if I wasn't working out! #happy," she captioned a video of an intense beach sweat session, using huge rocks instead of weights, like in this Earth Day Photo. "Thx for the program @gunnarfitness."


She Is All About Goal Setting

setting goals

Vonn is all about goal setting, making them healthy and achievable. In a recent Instagram story she revealed a few of them: focusing on taking care of herself, making clean living a priority, and continuing to work out  "because it makes me happy and I feel better when I do it… and just ENJOY LIFE!"


She Eats Clean

Vonn recently revealed she has been working with nutritionist Phil Goglia and focusing on hydration, eating clean, and meal timing. "I try not to eat too much in the morning before I work out," she told Women's Health. "I'm not working out crazy hard, but I notice I feel better; not as weighed down." Post sweat-session Lindsey eats "egg white omelets with broccoli, chicken, and pepper, and stuff like that," while lunch consists of chicken or salmon with kale or cabbage and dinner, a mix of protein and veggies: like chicken salad with avocado or a zucchini pasta with bolognese meat sauce. Her go-to snacks? Almonds, kiwis, and blueberries.


She Works Out Hard

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Vonn doesn't take it easy when it comes time to work out. Her Instagram feed is filled with videos of her sessions, and each one is more hardcore than the next. Her workouts with Peterson focus on weight and strength training, even on the beach, where, as we've said, she lifts huge rocks!


She Celebrates Her Victories

Vonn isn't shy about sharing her physical fitness victories. "You can judge me if you want, but I've been working hard in the gym and taking care of me…. so I'm going to post some bikini pics because I'm proud of myself," she wrote alongside a series of bikini shots. "#beyourself."

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