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Lindsay Lohan is Sun-Kissed in Swimsuit for Poolside Selfie

Lindsay Lohan has kept a relatively low profile over the last few years. However, she definitely made a splash on Wednesday, sharing a few images of herself on Instagram from the Maldives, celebrating herself in a high-cut red one-piece swimsuit, and tagging it with a number of Marriott and W Hotel hashtags. (The photos drew heart emojis from none other than Diane Keaton, who is among Lohan's 8.8 million followers.) How did the Mean Girls star transform herself from a tabloid-headline-attraction to one of the healthiest versions of herself? Here is everything she did, as well as the pool pics to prove it works.


She Has Been Incredibly Healthy During the Pandemic

Lohan recently told Page Six that she used her time in isolation wisely "exercising, cooking, brushing up on my French again, reading, journaling, watching a lot of films and, of course, occasional reality TV!" she said. Also, "Zooming with family, which is nice."


She Has Avoided Alcohol

refusing alcohol

The actress/singer, who recently auctioned off the single Lullaby as an NFT, claims that abstaining from alcohol also helps her stay healthy. "I avoid alcohol," she has said, according to The Mirror. "In fact, I would rather go out diving in the sea at night than drink."


She Does Yoga

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Lohan recently revealed on social media that she is a poser—yoga poser that is! "Starting the day with yoga," she captioned a photo of herself decked out in workout clothes. 


She Practices Gratitude

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Last year, Lohan said on Instagram that she had a "beautiful" birthday. "And during all these tough times I feel like I've learned to understand the simplicity of life and birthdays," Lohan continued, "I was thinking about how many birthdays I've had that are just like so extravagant and how lucky we all are to just have the people around us that we love and the people in our lives that we love and how simple is key." "I'm 34 now and it's been a beautiful day and I'm really happy and really grateful to have good people in my life and I look forward to sharing that with other people in my work and in everything I do from here on out," Lohan continued.


She's Closer to Her Fans Than Ever

Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images

Besides Instagram, Lohan is on Cameo and Vanywhere, where fans can connect to her directly (for a price). In cheerful, sun-dappled messages, she hopes those who order her videos remain "happy, healthy and safe" and are "hanging in there with this pandemic going on." "God bless you," she says in one. "Stay beautiful," proving, after all these years, she's still so fetch.

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